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Petal Freaks, Lola has a B-Day and Butterscotch Ear Spots

Happy Birthday, Lola! Happy Birthday to youoooooo!

Lola's Birthday Party

Ms. Lola Banana – aka Bullmarket Chiquita Lolita – celebrated her 10th birthday this past weekend. Birthday cake (OK, grass fed beef burgers), party hats and presents were on hand, and Lola’s little ‘sister’, Sushi, was more than happy to share in the booty, even if it meant wearing an octopus hat as partial payment.

Octopus Hat Sushi

Maggie, mom to Sushi and Lola, asked if Lola and Weezie were related. The butterscotch ear polka dots and wanton toy chewing just seemed to be too much of a coincidence. They are related!

Lola is mother to Diva
Diva is mother to Bunny
Bunny is mother to Weezie

.. that makes Lola Weezie’s great grandmother. Here are Bunny’s ear polka dots –

Bunny's Ear Polka Dots

.. Now I just need a photo of Lola’s ear spots, and we can make a sort of ear polka dot family album. God, I need a hobby.

Poor Petal is having a hard time adjusting to life as a house cat — well, to life as our house cat, that is. I suppose part of it is having lived as an outdoors cat for this long – she gets panicky if she doesn’t have constant access to a door open to the outdoors.

Petal Blends In

We’ve arranged sort of a compromise. I leave the door from the kitchen into the garage partially open, and the door from the garage to the outdoors cracked open a bit. This lets Petal go in and out of the house when she feels panicked or threatened (She’s not used to the dogs yet, even though they mostly ignore her). She spends a lot of time sleeping on an old chair we had stored in the garage. I’ve set it up, and put a fleece pad on the seat for her to sleep on. We call it her ‘throne chair’.

Petal's Throne Chair

When I’m upstairs, Petal seems to enjoy hanging out in the kitchen and living room. She sleeps on the couch, even if it is with one eye open, and she enjoys walking on the kitchen island while I’m prepping food. She’s a very curious little cat – very interested in everything going on. She is also incredibly affectionate – she enjoys climbing up and riding on my shoulder, and will happily roll over to have her belly tickled.

Tula has three weeks to go, and she looks like a little moo cow more and more every day. Poor girl!

Tula's Pregnant Belly

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  1. Lynsey
    Lynsey says:

    i love those pics of Lola and Sushi with their birthday hats….the octopus is awesome! it’s also very exciting about Tula…..can’t wait to read the blog with newly arrived puppies involved! congrats

  2. maggie
    maggie says:

    I’m sure I’ve got some ear spot pics kicking around somewhere, but I’ll take some more and send them to you so that we can all compare. I wish we could have a touch page so everyone could feel how soft their fur is. LOL!

  3. Amy
    Amy says:

    Can I just say how much I love, love, LOVE this blog? Seriously you have combined two of my most favorite things, a funny, well-written blog and FRENCHIES!!! Yay!

    For the longest time, I checked Martha Stewarts blog daily for postings on her two frenchies and it would make my day when I could catch glimpses Francesca and Sharkey or even read stories about them (I also tivo her show and scan her magazine for them – her dogs are like celebrities to me). But now, NOW I have found my mecca – an ENTIRE blog dedicated to the best breed in the world!

    Thank you so much – you have made the world a better place.

  4. Susie
    Susie says:

    Hello great-grandmother Lola!

    It’s so nice to see what a delicate eater you are, too. Glad to learn that I come by that particularly messy behavior trait honestly.

    Generally when I eat, food is tossed and spread in a 24″ circumference around the bowl. And then I proceed to lick it all up. Then there’s a nice, slippery Weezie saliva sphere around the place where I’ve eaten.

    Then Food Lady gets to clean it all up.

    Happy Birfday great-grandmother Lola!



    P.S. I like bananas. Do you have any bananas?

  5. Susan
    Susan says:

    Polka-dotted ears are da bomb. Not often captured in pictures, but we doggy-moms know they are there, and appreciate them.

    Logan’s ears are black, so I guess if I want polka-dots I’ll need to paint them on with clown white, or something like that.

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