Help Bring Pierre the French Bulldog to Canada

Do you remember Pierre? He’s the homeless Korean French Bulldog who was left tied to a shelter gate, infested with heartworm and suffering in the heat.

We had a few people express interest in Pierre, but so far, no one has stepped up and said that they were willing to bring him over from Korea to adopt him. I knew that time was running out for Pierre – his foster parents are expatriates (as are almost all of the Animal Rescue Korea volunteers and foster homes), and they are leaving Korea in mid October. Sadly, they are unable to take Pierre with them, and with no other foster homes available, the only option will be to return him to the shelter he was originally rescued from.
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How you can help French Bulldog Rescue

Cosmo is available for adoption via the French Bulldog Village.

The amount of dogs that are now coming into French Bulldog rescue can sometimes seem overwhelming. It’s easy to think that, just because you can’t foster a dog in your home, or donate money, there’s nothing that you can do to help.

In fact, that’s not true at all. Even someone who is housebound can still be a French Bulldog rescue “booster”.

For example, you can browse to the French Bulldog Village Website, and use the Facebook button at the bottom of a foster dog or available French Bulldog’s profile. Clicking the ‘like’ button will add that dog’s link to your Facebook wall, making him visible to all of your friends. Maybe one of them will be the perfect home for that dog, or will be the person who decides to sponsor that dog’s surgery – and all because you took the time to click a button and make a comment!

Here’s a long list of ways that you can help French Bulldog Rescue – or any other breed rescue of your choice. Remember, the little kindnesses matter, just as much as the large ones.


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Auction for French Bulldog Rescue – El Bulli 1983 – 1993

We’re holding auctions all of this month to benefit Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue. Our rescue kitty is bare, and your support will let us sock away some much needed funds before the next needy little French Bulldog ends up in our care!

Our first item up for bid is VERY special – and very rare. Only ever available directly from El Bulli Restaurant, by special order, this is widely considered to be the most expensive cookbook ever released.

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Holmes is Looking for a Family

The time has finally arrived – Holmes, the special needs rescue French is finally ready to move on and start his new life.

Holmes has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds – abuse, starvation, neglect and assorted injuries that we shudder to imagine the possible sources of. Through it all, his gentle nature and loving disposition have never flagged, no matter what has been thrown at him.

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