Great Big French Bulldog Rescue Update

Photo above – Holmes coming out of recovery with a vet tech

On Friday, Holmes and his foster mom headed out to what I like to call “The Veterinary Parking Lot”, aka the Most Crowded Vet Clinic in the World (this is the clinic I spoke about in my post about meeting a Puggle Breeder). Karen got to experience the chaos of an all surgery clinic first hand, and Holmes got his surgery done.

He seemed to come through it just fine, although the veterinarian has some concerns that there might be more than just palate at work with Holmes breathing issues. Unfortunately, when Karen got him home, she noticed that he was unable to put any weight on his rear. This isn’t a limp – it’s simply that Holmes can’t seem to support himself in the rear – as if his hips (never great to begin with) have simply stopped working.

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Help Holmes to Breathe

Do you remember Holmes? The little French Bulldog once known as Mojo has made amazing progress in his recovery from neglect and abuse.

He’s gone from an emaciated, underweight dog of less than 14 pounds to a healthy, robust 22 pounds! His coat is shiny and glossy, and his feet are no longer covered in lesions and sores. The huge tumor above his eye has been removed, and was found to be benign. His cherry eyes are reduced, and you can finally see the handsome dog he actually is.

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Meet Holmes

Holmes then and now

I wrote about Mojo the other day, but there was so much more to his story that we couldn’t talk about right away.

The photo above, on the left, shows the dog that we were expecting to take into rescue. The dog on the right is the actual dog we picked up. The dog on the left is a small, young, apparently healthy male. The dog on the right is approximately three to five years old, has a tumor on his head, can’t see because his vision is blocked by bilateral cherry eye, and is a 1 out of 5 on the body mass scale.

How long do you have to neglect a dog, before he gets from ‘a’ to ‘b’?

The rest (it’s long) after the cut.

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Meanwhile, in Ontario…Meet Mojo

An update on Mojo:

Thank you all for your support of Mojo.

Mojo has his first vet appointment today, where we’ll try to get an idea of just what sort of surgeries and care we’re looking at for him. We are also documenting his condition and his injuries, for potential cruelty charges.

We will keep everyone posted on his progress, but there is a limited amount of information we can release right now. Let me just say that, in all my time doing rescue, this is one of the worst things I’ve personally been involved in.

If you can, please donate to help us get Mojo the care he needs. His paypal link is here:

Also, if you’re in Southern Ontario and looking for a fun, healthy, happy adult male French Bulldog for adoption, why not check out Ulric? He was part of the cross Canada Rescue convoy I talked about a few weeks past.

Harley — update, adopted!

Update: Harley is adopted. Look for a post on his story soon!

Harley, French Bulldog foster dog available for adoption
I don’t know if anyone remembers Harley, but he was the water chasing Fawn Frenchie that we were fostering earlier this summer. As of this weekend, Harley is back with us again, since things at his new home haven’t quite worked out as planned. Harley and his new Frenchie sister never did settle their differences (said differences consisting of her saying “You suck, get out of my house” and his saying “Please stop biting me on the ear”).

Harley is a young, healthy, energetic Frenchie. His only health issues are food allergies which are being controlled by a raw diet, which he MUST remain on. Since he had a bad experience in his current home with another Frenchie, we’re looking for a home with either no other dog, or with a dog who is proven and temperament tested NOT canine aggressive. Harley is very handsome, and weighs about 26 pounds. He is neutered, microchipped and current on all shots and preventatives.

Harley is located in Southern Ontario, and is available for adoption to approved homes willing to travel to meet him.

Read more about Harley here, and you can also watch his video —

If you are interested in adopting Harley, please complete our adoption application —

Harley is an Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club foster dog.