Safer Pet Sex the French Bulldog Way

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Recognize the dog? That’s Linus, star of Just Married, Second Hand Lions, Bringing Down the House and the Shaggy Dog. OK, maybe he wasn’t technically the star, but he was pretty much the only reason most of us bothered to watch those movies.

How about it — do you know of any movies with French Bulldogs in it that are missing from my list? How about books? Cartoons? Anything?

A Blue Dog Update (the OTHER Kind of Blue French Bulldog)

It’s always a wonderful surprise to have someone pop up and say “Hey, remember me? We got so and so from you”.

In this case, so and so is actually an adorable little guy named Blue, out of Tessa’s very first litter. Blue was a handsome, spunky little boy, and he’s grown up to be a still handsome, spunky little guy.

Here’s the lovely note that Blue’s mom, Jennie Leto, sent along for me to share:


I got Blue from Carol Gravestock when he was 7 months old. He came charging down the
stairs and I was in love. He is now 11 and he still comes charging down the stairs, or
racing after birds, or squirrels, or bunnies. He absolutely loves life and I thank Carol and
God every day that he is in my life. This past year has been a huge transition for Blue,
since I had a baby girl named Lillian.

Blue came through like a trooper and Lily and Blue are in love. He is her protector,
her buddy, her furry sibling. Boo Boo was her first words, before Dadda and Mamma,
and Boo Boo is the first one she asks for every morning. Before we drop my daughter off
at daycare we drop Boo Boo at my parent’s house for his daycare.

Blue’s other favorite people are my niece and nephew Avery and Caleb. Caleb just kisses
him all day long, and Avery is so gentle with him. The only thing is that Blue doesn’t think
he is a dog. When Lily, Avery and Caleb are around Blue tries to get in the middle of
everything they are doing and participate. He tries to color and play ball and play dolls,
and this past Easter Blue didn’t understand why Grandpa didn’t want to take a picture of
him in the Easter backdrop he set up for the kids shots. Blue is stubborn, lovable,
adorable, and such a blessing to our whole family. He is such a handsome boy, people
look at him and compliment him before my daughter.

We treasure Boo Boo, thank you Carol and Tessa (Blue’s Momma), you created a most
amazing Frenchie and we adore and love him so much!!!

Here are some photos of Blue (seriously, is this a handsome face, or what?). Oh, and there are two in there of Blue as baby, one with his entire litter.

More proof: tough guys dig Frenchies

Real men love cute dogs - like French Bulldogs

Let’s say that you’re the winner of one of the toughest combat sports in the world – World Extreme Cage Fighting, to be exact. What do you go out and do with your winnings, I wonder?

Wreck a hotel room? Stock up on throwing stars?

Apparently not, or at least not in the case of World Extreme Cage Fighting lightweight champion Jamie Varner. He went out and bought a Boston Terrier – but it wasn’t for himself.

From Canadian Press:

Varner defends his World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight title against unbeaten Marcus (Wrecking Ball) Hicks tomorrow night (TSN alternate feed, 10 p.m. AT) while Condit puts his welterweight championship on the line against Japan’s Hiromitsu Miura at WEC 35 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In another title bout, light-heavyweight champion Brian Stann takes on Steve Cantwell.

Varner (13-2-1) says not much has changed in his life since taking the 155-pound crown from (Razor) Rob McCullough in February.


Varner relaxed for a month after, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

He didn’t splurge with his winnings, although he bought a Boston terrier– Daisy — to keep French bulldog Duke company.

OK, that’s official, then – tough guys dig Frenchies (and maybe Bostons, too).

And guess what chicks dig? Tough guys with cute dogs. Good choice, Champ!

Tough Guys Dig Frenchies

Apparently, not all Football players need a big dog at their side to add to their image – some of them just a small dog that acts big.

From DallasNews.Com:

Two-minute drill, with Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Miles Austin, proud dog (French Bulldog) owner

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Miles AustinI understand you have a cute little pooch. Tell me a little bit about your dog.

Her name is Fergie. She’s a French bulldog; looks like a Boston terrier. She’s small, weighs about 18 pounds. She’s pound-for-pound the strongest dog in the world. She’s a beast.

You talk about how tough she is. Is that trying to keep a little bit of machismo?

Yeah, but she holds her own. She’s tough. She’s got that lockjaw. You can lift up a toy and swing her around. She’s really tough.

OK, she’s tough, but do the fellas give you a hard time about this dog?

They try to. I get it worst from T.O. He tells me how he’s going to kick her all the time, but I think deep down inside, he really loves her.

What made you fall in love with a cute little puppy?

She’s got bug eyes and is cross-eyed a little bit. She’s got real big ears, and she’s just the best dog in the world.

A lot of NFL players have pit bulls, maybe to symbolize their toughness. What does this dog say about you?

She’s the friendliest dog in the world. That’s why I love her. I’m the friendliest guy in the world, so that’s why I have the friendliest dog in the world.

Well, it’s obvious Miles’ loves his dog, so we’ll forgive him the part where he falls for that old ‘locking jaw Pit Bull’ stereotype. If anybody out there has a photo of Fergie, feel free to send it over to me!

Treating Interdigital Cysts at Home

Image of a common interdigital cyst between the toes of a Bulldog. Image courtesy Bizkai Bulldogs


This has not been our week(s) when it comes to healthy Frenchies. First Journey ruptures an anal gland, then mystery chunks start falling out of Penelope, and now Elliott has an interdigital cyst.

For those who aren’t familiar with this particular bane of the French Bulldog and Bulldog owner, an interdigital cyst (their proper name is ‘Interdigital furuncle’) is an inflammation of the skin between the toes. The Merck Veterinary manual says –

The most common cause is a deep bacterial infection. Many dog breeds (eg, Shar-Pei, Labrador Retriever, English Bulldog) are predisposed to bacterial interdigital furunculosis because of the short bristly hairs located on the webbing between the toes, prominent interdigital webbing, or both. The short shafts of hairs are easily forced backward into the hair follicles during locomotion (traumatic implantation). Hair, ie, keratin, is very inflammatory in the skin, and secondary bacterial infections are common.

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