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Would you buy shoes from these people?

I have to wonder what the geniuses with Ogilvy Advertising were thinking when they green lighted this ad for Exit Urban Shoes.

“Say, that Michael Vick thing sure did seem to get a lot press. Let’s see if we can get in on that!”

Here’s the ad they came up with to sell shoes.

Abusive Advertising

Yup, shoes. Do you see any correlation between this horrific, abusive, highly disturbing ad and foot wear?


Me either.

If you find it as disturbing as I do, write and tell them how you feel ::

Write to Exit Urban Shoes: alma.sa@chello.be

More contact methods for Exit Urban:
Phone +32 (0)2 345 08 79
Mail info@exit-and-co.be

Ogilvy Advertising Press and General Inquiries
Contact Eleanor Mascheroni, Chief Marketing Officer, at eleanor.mascheroni@ogilvy.com.

Ogilvy Advertising Media Planning and Implementation
Contact our digital/direct media company, Neo@Ogilvy at neo.info@ogilvy.com

Also, here’s the link to the Advertising Standards Council of Canada –

More contact links as I find them….

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  1. dookie
    dookie says:

    OMG…What kind of mind thinks up this? I can’t think of any connection to buy shoes. The ad is extremely offensive.
    Total lack of sensitivity to animal issues in this day and age.
    Ogilvy Advertising Media Planning and Implementation need to be fired for such a disregard.
    Pathetic, totally pathetic…
    Shame on you.

  2. Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor
    Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor says:

    Not sure which is more disturbing. That the shoe company and the ad agency would have allowed this image, and the others in the campaign, to be used; or that during the rigorous market testing (which most ad campaigns are subjected to) the images must have been received positively by the target audience.

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