Please Help Ella – a Frenchie Rescue Emergencey

Imagine that you are a French Bulldog puppy. One day, you are taken away from your brothers and sisters, and from your mother, and you go to live with a new family. If you had been a lucky French Bulldog, you would now have a safe, loving home for life, with people who care for you, feed you and protect you.

You, however, are not one of the lucky ones. You are, instead, Ella – a small, cream French Bulldog who ended up with an owner who found you annoying instead of charming, a burden instead of a blessing. A few times, your owner offered to give you away to people, only to change her mind. She apparently thought that maybe she could breed you, someday, and maybe ‘get some of her money back’. Eventually, your owner contacted rescue, telling them that she was moving, and that you, Ella, were in the way, so could they please take you? She was in quite a rush to get rid of you, Ella, and then at the very last minute, she changed her mind. We’re so sorry that we couldn’t get to you then, to help you, because things got much worse for you after that.

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Pierre in Korea is Looking for a Home

We all know that homeless French Bulldogs are becoming unfortunately common in the United States and Canada. In Europe, as well, homeless French Bulldogs in  need are skyrocketing. It had never occurred to me that the same might be true in a place like South Korea, but an email I received this morning changed all of that. It was from Corrie Gillet, a volunteer at the Korean Animal Protection Society, a group located in Daegu, South Korea.

Corrie was writing on behalf of Pierre (or “Prince Pierre”, as she calls him), a homeless Korean French Bulldog with a heartbreaking story.

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The Art of French(ie) Cooking

A photo of my world famous (ha!) Fussy Frenchie Meaty Muffins


The French Bulldog Village is doing a fund raising cookbook, and they need your help!

Do you know a cookie or treat recipe that has all the dogs in your neighborhood begging for more? Have you cooked up the ultimate ring bait or training snack? We’d love to share it with the world! We’re also looking for awesome photos of amazing Frenchies, to be published in our cookbook!

Full details are after the cut, and info on cookbook ordering will be coming soon!


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PJ’s Pet Stores to Stop Supporting Puppy Mills

Dinglehopper was sold by Hunte Corporation to a former PJ’s Pet Store location


I have written before (ok, several times) about my complete and utter loathing for PJ’s Pet Stores, the notorious Canada wide chain of pet super stores, who for years have been the bane of our existence for Canadians opposed to the sale of puppies (and kittens) in pet stores.

PJ’s Pet Stores were a particularly egregious example of the “upscale” puppy peddling pet store, with shiny display cases full of stupefyingly over priced puppies (I have the bill of sale for a Boxer/Boston cross who was purchased from PJ’s for the stunning sum of $3200, and helped place a French Bulldog who sold through the former PJ’s store in the upscale Yorkdale Shopping Center for $4800).


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HSUS Targets Rescue a French Bulldog, Wendy Faith Laymon

Rescue a French Bulldog website, showing stolen photo of Michelle Tippet’s departed French Bulldog, Stu


I have written extensively in the past about Wendy Laymon (aka Wendy Faith Laymon aka Faith Laymon) and her fake French Bulldog rescue, ‘ Rescue a French Bulldog’ –

Wendy Laymon is a notorious, convicted puppy miller, despicable enough to have earned herself a place on the Humane Society of the United States list of Missouri’s Dirty Dozen Worst Puppy Mills . That’s quite a feat, considering how much puppy mill competition there is in the state of Missouri.

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