Hammer - Bullmarket SumoLeBull Pelshire

Hammer was a huge dog in a small body.

Even as a tiny puppy, he had attitude to spare. I’ll never forget watching him stomp across the floor on his little white feet, determined to go and get that toy that one of the other puppies had the nerve to try to play. All of the toys were Hammer’s toys.

When he didn’t quite turn out for the conformation ring, Hammer’s then co owner, Pat Mentiply, mentioned to me that there was someone in Boston who wanted to adopt him, with an eye on showing him in obedience. That someone was Charlotte Creeley, and it was a match made in heaven – Hammie got the best home a cranky little red head could ever imagine, and I got a new lifelong friend.

Since Hammer was 100% Charlotte’s dog, heart and soul, I’ll let you read her words about his loss. I know he’s deeply missed.

Charlotte’s blog entry on losing Hammer


Hammer’s Memorial Video