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Daphne - Previous ECFBC Rescue French Bulldog

Daphne – Previous ECFBC Rescue French Bulldog

French Bulldog Rescue in Canada

If you are thinking about rescuing or adopting a French Bulldog, congratulations. Adopting a French Bulldog from French Bulldog Rescue in Canada is one of the best ways to add a new best friend to your life. Please be aware, however, that most rescue French Bulldogs have special considerations. Some have special health or temperament needs, some are elderly, and a few may have been abused. There are very rarely, if ever, healthy young French Bulldog puppies available from rescue.

French Bulldog Rescue in Eastern Canada is covered by Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue.

We have assistance for French Bulldogs in need throughout Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.

Get Help for a French Bulldog in Need or Surrender a Dog to French Bulldog Rescue

To get help for a French Bulldog in need of assistance, contact us. If this is a French Bulldog Rescue emergency, phone Carol at 519-369-2732

Adopt a French Bulldog or Volunteer with French Bulldog Rescue

To see available dogs for adoption from ECFBC French Bulldog Rescue, visit our website

Even if you are not able to adopt a French Bulldog, you can still make a difference by being a rescue volunteer, foster home or donor. We always need volunteers, and we always need donations of cash and goods we can use to help us to raise funds. See our website for more details on how you can be a French Bulldog Rescue Angel.

French Bulldog Rescue in the USA

The following rescue groups are available to assist with French Bulldogs in need within the USA. They also have French Bulldogs available for adoption.

French Bulldog Village Rescue 

French Bulldog Rescue Network

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

Short Noses Only Rescue Team

Bulldog Haven NW (Pacific NW USA – Bulldogs and French Bulldogs Rescue)